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Posted by anirudhsaraf on February 8, 2009

This blog has been quiet for a while now as I have been ( am) extremely busy at College. I did however get a chance to make some changes to TreeView. I have been using it for a while now without any trouble so I thought I’ll post it up ( link at bottom).



As the above Screenshot shows, it has undergone a few enhancements.

Some Added Features

Favorite Folders : You can now create as many favorite folders as you wish. Use it to create alternate views of your notes.

Make Root ( The up arrow button):  Allows you to select any node and make it the topmost element in the TreeView. Specially useful if you are working within a single notebook and section and want to get rid of all the other noise.

Find Page in Tree : Are you on a particular page in OneNote and wish to locate it in the TreeView. This funky two page button will do just that.

Refresh : Refreshes the content of the TreeView to reflect the current hierarchy of OneNote.

Note : This is a standalone executable. There is no installation and it does not run from OneNote. Consequently, it does not make any changes to your system.

Feedback will be appreciated !

Update: Rev 1- Fixed Bug with TreeView Crashing if pages contained tags. If you had problems when TreeView crashed on startup, try the new copy. Thanks John for bringing it to notice !

Download TreeView

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TreeView : Beta

Posted by anirudhsaraf on November 4, 2007

Updated Post : TreeView

Here is a Beta version of TreeView. I guess labeling it Beta absolves me of all the errors and exceptions the program might throw. I am realizing a very stripped down version of TreeView I envisioned since I feel that the navigation alone is very useful, specially in full screen mode. I have ton’s of features I am working to implement into the TreeView control. However the pressure to keep up with classwork is getting to me and therefore this must be put on the back burner for a week or so till I get done with my midterms. In the meantime however, I would appreciate if people gave suggestions as to what features they would like implemented into the TreeView Control.

Some of the Features I might implement :

1) Drag and drop functionality to reorder pages.

2) Copy hyperlink to page without having to navigate to the page ( thereby making it easy to hyperlink the current page to some other pages.)

3)Create / Delete page.

4) Dynamic update of TreeView ( No. It doesn’t have it in this version unfortunately. Therefore if you create a page it will NOT show up in the TreeView unless you restart the control.)

5) There is no validation checks for the change notebook name and sections. Also you might get an error due to malformed XML once in a while when you try to change the page title. I am still trying to figure out why it does this.

Feedbacks would be appreciated :).


The Program is being taken down due to  the numerous uninstall issues people had. Unfortunately, due to various other commitments I am unable to continue development further at the moment ; I might or might not fix it and release a newer version.

Changing Color :

So this was completely unintentional, but it seems that due to the choice of color I made, users have the option of changing the background color on the control. The color it uses is the desktop color set under the display properties. To get there right click on the desktop -> goto properties -> Display tab -> color on the bottom right corner. So if you are getting some background which makes it impossible to read the text, go ahead and change the desktop color to change the background color on the control :).

Issues with Vista

So some people(2 has been brought to my attention) seem to be having issues with it under Vista. Did anybody get it to work under Vista? Under XP? I have only heard from people who didn’t get it to work, what about hearing from some people who did get it to work ?

Control doesn’t stay on top

Also while using it I noticed that the window stays on top only when you launch it the first time. If you close it and relaunch it, it minimizes to the taskbar. You then have to quit onenote, kill the process and then restart TreeView for it to stay on top and not mimimize. I have no idea why it does this, so if anybody has any clue as to why this might be happening let me know. I am using form.topmost = true in a timer event to make it stay on top.

if (GetWindowText(ihandler, sBuff, cChars) > 0)
String activeWindow = sBuff.ToString();
if (activeWindow.Contains(“Microsoft Office OneNote”) == true)
mainForm.TopMost = true;


Also if you like the control and would like to help its development do consider donating whatever amount you can :). Below is the link for Paypal donation.

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TreeView of OneNote NoteBooks

Posted by anirudhsaraf on October 19, 2007

So after a week of learning XML and C# I finally dived into playing with the OneNote API

Here is the result of my first experiment with the One Note API.

tree view image

What the program basically does is convert the OneNote Notebook structure into a TreeView structure. Not too useful at this stage, but its a start. A few of the features I hope to implement before releasing a powertoy based on this.

  1. Add SubPages as a seperate Node
  2. Link to Notes from Tree View
  3. Ability to change the page title
  4. A page preview pane
  5. Ability to move pages pages.

Please do leave feature requests/ideas in the comments below. Also if anyone is interested in developing/collaborating in the development of OneNote Powertoys do drop me an email.

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