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TreeView of OneNote NoteBooks

Posted by anirudhsaraf on October 19, 2007

So after a week of learning XML and C# I finally dived into playing with the OneNote API

Here is the result of my first experiment with the One Note API.

tree view image

What the program basically does is convert the OneNote Notebook structure into a TreeView structure. Not too useful at this stage, but its a start. A few of the features I hope to implement before releasing a powertoy based on this.

  1. Add SubPages as a seperate Node
  2. Link to Notes from Tree View
  3. Ability to change the page title
  4. A page preview pane
  5. Ability to move pages pages.

Please do leave feature requests/ideas in the comments below. Also if anyone is interested in developing/collaborating in the development of OneNote Powertoys do drop me an email.

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