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Double Hyperlink

Posted by anirudhsaraf on February 3, 2008

I know I have been sporadic with my posts, but its just that I have been keeping super busy, with little or no free time. However, to make up for it I am finally releasing Double Hyperlink with Inking Support 🙂 .

Double Hyperlink – What is it? It creates a new page, with the user specified title, pastes a hyperlink to the new page in the current page, and navigates to the new page where it puts the hyperlink from the current page.


he default values i.e if you just click OK are

New Page Title = Blank

Hyperlink Text(new page) = Title of Current Page

Hyperlink Text(current page) = Extra Info

The installer creates a separate windows application. Since a lot of people have issues installing/uninstalling a plugin for OneNote I have not integrated this into OneNote but let it be a separate windows application. If enough people think that they want it integrated inside OneNote, leave a comment and I’ll release a separate installer. Also I have tested this only on my machine running Windows XP tablet version, so install at your own risk. I would appreciate feedback, comments and criticism.


Download double hyperlink

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