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Goodbye Tablet PC

Posted by anirudhsaraf on July 22, 2010

After having graduated from college and getting an Ipad, my tablet has been lying abandoned in a corner. The other day I booted it up to test some Inking on the new OneNote14, only to discover that my pen had stopped working. It was then that I decided to retire my TabletPC  (and with it in all likelihood this blog)  and reformat and retrofit it as a Ubuntu Server.

I still love and use OneNote to save random tidbits of information, but lack of support on the Ipad and Linux is making me consider switching to  Evernote.  OneNote Team – can we get an Iphone/Ipad app !

As a parting gift I am releasing the source code for TreeView if anyone is interested in developing it further. I will be happy to answer questions about the code if you need help

Note: The code hasn’t been cleaned up ; was written in my sophomore/junior year in college and there are very few comments.

PS: Any emacs people interested in writing a M-x Send-To-OneNote/EverNote script ?

Update: check out my new blog (developer focused) at!

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Posted by anirudhsaraf on February 8, 2009

This blog has been quiet for a while now as I have been ( am) extremely busy at College. I did however get a chance to make some changes to TreeView. I have been using it for a while now without any trouble so I thought I’ll post it up ( link at bottom).



As the above Screenshot shows, it has undergone a few enhancements.

Some Added Features

Favorite Folders : You can now create as many favorite folders as you wish. Use it to create alternate views of your notes.

Make Root ( The up arrow button):  Allows you to select any node and make it the topmost element in the TreeView. Specially useful if you are working within a single notebook and section and want to get rid of all the other noise.

Find Page in Tree : Are you on a particular page in OneNote and wish to locate it in the TreeView. This funky two page button will do just that.

Refresh : Refreshes the content of the TreeView to reflect the current hierarchy of OneNote.

Note : This is a standalone executable. There is no installation and it does not run from OneNote. Consequently, it does not make any changes to your system.

Feedback will be appreciated !

Update: Rev 1- Fixed Bug with TreeView Crashing if pages contained tags. If you had problems when TreeView crashed on startup, try the new copy. Thanks John for bringing it to notice !

Download TreeView

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Just another Blog

Posted by anirudhsaraf on October 14, 2007

So, here I am , populating the internet with ‘Just another Blog’. I’ll had my tablet PC (HP tc 4400) for over 6 months now, (its my second in two months, the 1st one being stolen after just 2 month, damn!!) and its become an indispensable tool.

I use my tablet PC to take notes in class (yay Onenote !!) and am relatively paperless. I mostly plan to blog about notetaking, onenote and onenote powertoy development for the time being. I just discovered the one note API and I decided that I need to program a few plugins, uh oh powertoys. Since I know neither C# or XML it will probably be a while before I come up with a something. Since I am going to be devoting so much time to learn and program a plugin, I decided that documenting my efforts would be a good idea.

Also I feel since we are a few of the early adopters of the tablet pc phenomenon, my inputs and observations on notetaking and tablet uses might actually be uselful and not just another drop in the ocean.

So here’s hoping that I actually do blog on a semi-regular basis and that a few note takers do find it useful.

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