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I am Anirudh Saraf, a college student.

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  1. Sebastien said

    I was going to buy a Fujitsu 4110 to take note in class (it will be used for that).
    I was wondering if this is very different from a paper notepad and what were your impression on it.
    Plus I would like my handwriting to be recognize. Any tips on that ?

  2. GiovanniHernandez said

    Unable to created a workable Table of content template. The hyper links on the saved template jump to the original page. I created a list of hyperlinks numbered them 1-10 and then linked them to a blank table just below also labeled 1-10 with and extra hyperlink jumping back to the table of content. I hoped that once I saved the page as an template that each new template I create will have a unique hyperlink linking from with in that same page. Any insight on how to solve this.

  3. Lauren said

    I wrote the following (below) on a forum at I Heart OneNote. Do you think you could help with a page-break work around? I also love the idea of a flash card tool to go with ON. Mac’s Mental Case program is awesome and if ON added something similar, it would be a dream come true for any student. Thanks for the info on your site. I think I’ll give your TreeView a try!

    Page Break Work Around
    I have played around with page settings but can’t seem to get ON to give me more than 1 sheet of letter per “page” when Letter is selected and the gray border isn’t helpful when I’m in mass production (fix stuff later) mode. I want to have multiple letter pages print effectively with minimal reformating and to know where I am in realtionship to a standard letter sheet but not be limited by it. I’ve spent a good amount of free time looking for a force page break powertoy, with no luck. I know there are other people out there who would like to have the option of knowing how their notes would look if printed and I am hoping someone with more skill and time than me will be able to try my idea of a work around to the page break issue.

    I’m aware of Templates and “stationary” but haven’t spent too much time researching the differences between the two. It’s my understaning that both allow for an image to be set at the background, with text boxes on top. Would it be possible then to create a template that has the dimensions of a letter page outlined as a background image on an “auto” (infinitely large/standard ON sheet?). I’d like a template that has backgroup picture marking for an 8.5 x 11″ (black) and a .5 margin (gray) sheet repeated X times. Where X is several useful quantities ex. 3,5,10,20. I’m thinking I can set my printer to ignore the background image when printing (the black and gray repeating boxes won’t show up).

    If anyone can create something like this and post it here, you will be my personal hero.

    Side Note: Is there a way to insert a horizontal line that follows the text movement? I’ve inserted lines from the drawing toolbar to break up sections of really long pages, but when the volume of text changes I have to go back and reposition them all (there has got to be a better way to get this done).

    • anirudhsaraf said

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your comment. As you mentioned the lack of a page break is really frustrating. I have investigated and haven’t been able to come up with a decent workaround except for doing print preview before printing and reformatting my notes as required.

      If you are are mostly inking this can be a problem though, since ink is difficult to move around. When I am inking, I primarily use Journal ( specially for stuff that needs to printed) which has the nice page break feature.

      Thanks once again for your comments!


  4. Vinay Roy said

    sir my name is nikhil vinay goyal i am m.e.c.r.c engineering college student i bought this pc what is the process sent me on my e-mail id

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