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My First Day at Microsoft

Posted by anirudhsaraf on June 4, 2008

The first day started with dreary weather, a sign of things to follow perhaps. I reported at Building 122 at 8:00 am to take part in the New Employee Orientation. The morning was long and dull as we were made to fill out forms and go through orientation. We were made aware of various Microsoftie things like how to access the network, find HR related information, and watch essential security and legal videos. It should suffice to say that the most interesting and comic part of the entire morning of orientation was a video by one of the lawyers about the law, antitrust and IP protection stuff. Though his humor was obviously unintentional, I think he managed to generate the most laughs by saying things like “It’s bad enough to be a lawyer” with a totally expressionless face. Hmm, any comedians out there wish to comment on whether its a technique to appear unintentionally comic with a totally expressionless face?

After lunch ( notice we hadn’t yet left the single room we were in – from 8:00 – 1:30) we split up into teams and were sent off on a scavenger hunt. While the idea itself was good, in my opinion it was a failure as none of us had keycards to get in into any of the buildings, nor did anyone know even vaguely what the questions referred to. It was more like a battle between the group leaders (Microsoft workers who volunteered) rather than the tour of campus or a team building exercise which I think they intended it to be.

However I do realize that most of the stuff we did had to be done and considering that they get a batch of interns (around 100 in mine) every week, they couldn’t really do anything special like getting a high give a talk etc., but they sure could have tried to liven things up a little.

Then after that around 4:00  I met with John (my manager) and the rest of the Test Team. It was really thrilling to meet some of the people behind the product and my mentor (my go -to person 🙂 )  helped me set up my office station and email etc. They gave me 2 desktop computers and a screamer of a Gateway tablet 🙂 . She walked me through a few things but since I did not have full network access yet  looking at the actual tools was put off. Probably a nice thing, because a mixture of the boring morning and jet lag had made me really tired and sleepy. After checking my mail ( Yes I already had around 25 of them !! )  I called it a day.

Today, on the other hand is projected to be a sunny day, and I am looking forward to my first day in office.

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