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OneNote Favorites in Full Screen

Posted by anirudhsaraf on May 22, 2008

I am always looking for ways to quickly find information. Users of EverNote are familiar with the tagging system, where you apply tags – homework, physics, computers – etc. to notes. That way you can look at notes, categorized according to these tags. This can complement the existing structure of notebooks/section groups especially when you have pages across notebooks, sections and pages.

Bring in the OneNote tags feature. It is one of those features which hold the potential to change the way you use OneNote. If you use OneNote to collect data, the tagging feature can make it a snap to find it again, and is specially helpful for review work. More on that later.

Jeff has a wonderful write up on how to use tagging in OneNote. I recommend reading that here if you are unaware of this feature. Now to create easily accessible favorites, create tags with which you want to classify your favorites, or simply create a tag called favorites. Now go to the page title and add the tags to your page. It will look something like thisimage



Now to view pages tagged with favorites, call up the tags summary ( accessible in full screen mode) option.

In the tags summary pane you can view all your favorite pages under the favorites tag. You also have a bunch of sorting options ranging from viewing only the current notebook to viewing recently tagged notes.

Thus tagging pages with these tags, in combination with the tags summary pane can provide an easy way to create favorite pages, which are easily accessible in the full screen mode.

This feature is also very useful for reviewing notes, but a more detailed write-up on that later.

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OneNote : Moving things in OneNote

Posted by anirudhsaraf on May 2, 2008

Picking up on John’s post on using OneNote in the classroom, I realized that class notes need a lot of restructuring. I thought i’ll share the technique I use to move things around in OneNote. OneNote is great for moving around text in containers, however it doesn’t always behave so well when moving ink. A technique I often use to move things around is a combination of zoom and the lasso tool. The lasso tools allows me to select exactly the things I want to move – meaning I can move graphs and associated text together; while the zoom in function shows me exactly how the placement is going to affect other text.

Quick Tip : The right click button on the pen is mapped to the lasso tool by default I think, hence you can quickly move things around with the lasso tool even as you take notes 🙂 . Lasso is also very handy to delete large portions of text.

View at 75% Zoom ( my normal writing setting)


At 25% I can see a larger portion of the page ; hence making it easier to move things around. I can even select multiple things and move them at once 🙂


It takes a little practice to use the lasso tool if you haven’t used it before, but once you get the hang of it, it is much quicker.

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