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Bringing together OneNote and PDF Annotator

Posted by anirudhsaraf on March 26, 2008

So you have all these PDF Files flying around. Research files, Professor Handounts, ebooks etc. etc. You love annotating with PDF Annotator ( check out the new version – IT SIMPLY ROCKS), but everything you have is in OneNote. Do you just shrug and print the PDF to OneNote and suffer?

You don’t need to. OneNote has this great feature called Insert -> File ( note :- not as PrintOut). This creates a copy of that file and embes it into OneNote. Clicking on it will open it in the associated program, but the file still remains embedded in OneNote. Now clicking on the PDF opens it in PDF Annotator where you can edit it. I recommend deleting the original file after inserting it into OneNote so that there is no confusion. Optionally, you can drag a file into OneNote and it will ask you whether you want to link to it or embed it.

The only drawback of this is that the embedded file is not searchable in OneNote. And be careful, otherwise you’ll soon find yourself using OneNote as a Windows Explorer replacement !!

For those interested in knowing how the files are actually embedded into OneNote follow this excellent post on how OneNote embeds file on Dan’s blog.

Inserting a File Steps from the Office Help Website


4 Responses to “Bringing together OneNote and PDF Annotator”

  1. Excellent tip, thanks.

  2. James Fonda said

    What do you mean that you can’t search embedded pdf files in endnote? It seems to work on mine.

  3. anirudhsaraf said

    From Dan’s blog

    One very unfortunate limitation of what we could with embedded files in this version is that our search will not produce hits within the embedded files. I won’t go into all the technical details and issues dealing with indexing engines etc., but I will say this pains us greatly, it’s somethign we really wanted to do, we thought long and hard about it, but we just couldn’t do that work in this release. It’s a lot of work to do right and we focused most of our search energy on just getting fast indexed search for OneNote content right.

    So the text in the embedded file is not searchable (as opposed to printing) …

  4. […] Research files, Professor Handounts, ebooks etc. etc. You love annotating with pdf annotator … to annotate files in Linux with Xournal The Portable Document Format PDF has become the de facto […]

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