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Hard Drive Crash and Backup

Posted by anirudhsaraf on February 23, 2008

As the title says, I suffered a hard drive crash last week. I didn’t have a backup ( I knew I shouldn’t have put it off ) but I managed to salvage my important files ( Read : My OneNote Books) thanks to some free utilities like TestDrive. However this incident made me look into making sure my OneNote notebooks were backed up on a separate drive on a semi-regular – NO make that regular – basis.

I turned to look for online solutions which could provide backup solution. This is when I discovered XDrive from AOL. It does incremental scheduled backups and gives 5gb of Storage Free. Outline below is the steps to set it up to backup your OneNote Notebooks on a regular basis.

1) Go to and create an account

2) Download the xDrive Desktop Client and Install

3)Under the Basic Tab you can find the various types of files you want it to backup. Unfotunately OneNote is not one of them. It lists Word, PowerPoint and Excel but no OneNote. So we need to go the advanced tab



4) Choose New and Browse to the folders where your OneNote Notebooks are stored.After that you have the options to specify Incremental Backup / Full etc. After setting that up click next


5)Next you get to set the frequency/ schedule your automatic backups.


6) Click Finish and everything is set up. Do Backup Now to have XDrive backup your data.

Now when your Hard Drive crashes, your world won’t. So go ahead and set this up if you don’t have a backup system in place.

I wish OneNote some sort of Online Storage/ Backup mechanism built in ( like with Windows SkyDrive) so that I wouldn’t have had the nightmare I had when my Hard Drive crashed, but till that happens I suggest you go and set up XDrive.

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