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Posted by anirudhsaraf on January 9, 2008

I had been away from my computer for the past few days, taking a break and visiting Singapore and Bangkok, and thus the dearth of post and updates on the Powertoys.

My Double Hyperlink Powertoy is complete, I am just waiting to figure out how to make the powertoy GUI be displayed on top of OneNote instead of behind it. Once that is figured out, I will release the powertoy.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of Powertoy ideas I toyed with, during my isolation from my computer (I actually used pen and paper to jot down these ideas, seems quaint I know ;)) :

1) Double Spacing Ink ( Handwritten Text) : The inspiration for this came from submitting my maths assignments. The professor wanted the problems done in double spaced and I ended up manually moving the ink down after every line.

2) OneNote has some great outlining tools ( levels and containers) which don’t work so well with ink ( atleast not for me). Outlining has the great feature of creating collapsible boxes, a feature I would love to have for my ink notes. Maybe an easier way to handle it would make it more useful for inkers.

3) A Flash Card Powertoy – basically a flash card program integrated into Onenote. DoubleHyperlink Powertoy was a buildup for this one.

4) Selecting everything below cursor location, to be extended into a page break function. Yes that’s for all the printing woes.

5) And ofcourse, I know I am supposed to be working on the TreeView control but I have just had so many things going on in the past few days.

Let me know if anybody has any ideas of features that would be beneficial in the above mentioned powertoys. I won’t promise to have one ready soon, but I am working on it in whatever time I can manage.

That’s all for now, and hopefully work on these powertoys will start off soon 🙂

6 Responses to “PowerToys Ideas”

  1. Daniel Blois said

    I think a useful tool that was left out of OneNote is the ability to clear a page. I use a page for in-class assignments which I usually don’t keep. Right now after I am done I have to delete the page and create a new one. I would like the ability to clear everything except the page name with just a button tap (of course ask for a confirmation also) but this would be so much easier than taking out an erasor and erasing everything on the page.

  2. anirudhsaraf said

    Now that you mention it, I realize I do the same thing quite often.Thats a good idea and should be pretty simple to do. I’ll add that to the list.

    Any other ideas, anybody?

  3. Daniel Blois said

    I have one more Small Power Toy that I think would be very useful. In OneNote you have to ability to add extra space but you have no way of removing extra text between handwritten notes. This would be very useful.

  4. Daniel Blois said

    in the last post I meant remove extra space not extra text

  5. anirudhsaraf said

    i was wondering what you meant… but you can remove extra space using the add space ( line type of thing in the toolbar) .. its actually cool that you can add/remove space wherever you want… it does mess up your notes once in a while but mostly it works fine

  6. John said

    I love Tree Note, simple and easy. Don’t really need some of the other things but DESPERATE for the ability to change the background color and font size / color. I read the section on your use of the screen background, but I really like a darker background and the small black type gets lost. Thanks, John

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