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Powertoy: Double Hyperlink

Posted by anirudhsaraf on November 17, 2007

Double Hyperlink – What is it? It creates a new page, with the user specified title, pastes a hyperlink to the new page in the current page, and navigates to the new page where it puts the hyperlink from the current page :).


The default values i.e if you just click OK are

New Page Title = Blank

Hyperlink Text(new page) = Title of Current Page

Hyperlink Text(current page) = Extra Info

Known Issue :- I cannot figure out why OneNote starts the powertoy minimized. It’s a random thing, sometimes its starts on top and sometimes it is minimized. I have tried every trick I could think of to make it come up in center of OneNote. If anyone knows how to achieve this (C#) please do let me know, since I have been breaking my head over it 😦

Also not a single person, assuming there was one, left a comment saying whether the treeview control worked. If you download this powertoy I would appreciate some feedback.

Download Double Hyperlink Powertoy < Disabled :- Fixing Bugs – My computer crashed 😦 will be a while before I put this one back >

UPDATE : Powertoy Released.

Thanks to onenotepowertoys poll for the idea.


14 Responses to “Powertoy: Double Hyperlink”

  1. John Guin said

    I get this error during setup:
    Use SYSTEM the previously initiated an install for product Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition ENU. That user will need to run that install again before they can use that product. Your current install will now continue.

    UAC off
    logged in as admin
    admin acct enabled
    Office 2007
    VC# 2005 with SP1, .net FW 2.0

    Also, I recommend changing setup to install for all users by default. Your mileage may vary, but a common complaint we get is “your addin works for me, but not for other users on the computer.”

    Great work, though!

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  3. mike said

    Works great!

    Great Job.

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  6. Steve said

    Thanks for your efforts, Anirud. It will be a great addition when its done!

  7. Dan McTardy said

    It’s a really great idea, and reminiscent of WikiWords, i.e., CamelCase instant links in wiki software. It would be neat if the powertoy could enable OneNote to detect when a particular character combination (i.e., a WikiWord or a word starting with some odd symbol) was input, then implement the same action you describe, titling the new page with the word that triggered the action.

  8. Alceste said

    The installation *appears* to go well, but once I open ON, there is no indication that the addin was installed, not does it appear in the list of addins. How is one to use it?

    The TreeView contol is fine, but
    1. it does take a longish time to load, so I ended up not using it, after my initial interest
    2. the background on my installation is a darkish Teal, and the lettering black – a not very readable combination. better to stick to b/w in my opinion.

  9. anirudhsaraf said

    you should find a program called double hyperlink in your list of programs. You have to run it from outside OneNote. Due to various installaion problems I did not integrate it into OneNote.

    I am aware of the problems with treeview, but due to lack of time I have been unable to work on it. I might fix it later if I have enough time.
    Thanks for the feedback.


  10. Jono said

    Thanks – this is exactly what I was looking for!
    How’d you know? 🙂

  11. Enonod said

    Where the hell does one get these addons? I see lots of pages like this but no link to download.

  12. Richard said

    Sometimes it works great. But then sometimes it fails to place a hyperlink TO the new page. Is maybe ‘speed’ dependent.

    ie – i’m working mostly on sharepoint notebooks – and perhaps they respond slower. It seems like half the time the program runs the controls in the wrong order, and ends up pasting the link TO the new page, on the new page itself.

    has anyone else noticed that?

    • anirudhsaraf said

      Yes, the operations are speed dependent, and that is what causes that. I’ll see if I can spare some time and fix that.

      Thanks for bringing it to attention.


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