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TreeView : How does it look?

Posted by anirudhsaraf on October 27, 2007

So after being up all night yesterday, I finally have ver1.0 of the TreeView almost ready. I had to ditch my code 3 times on the way there, but the final solution was worth the sleepless nights.

The features it has are basically Tree Navigation of notebooks and title changing. The drag and drop functionality will be implemented after I get over with my second round of midterms (Sigh!!). I decided against the preview pane since I see it more as a tool to replace the one note side bar while you are using it.

If all goes according to plan – meaning I figure out the tutorial on adding the toolbar button to OneNote soon, and a way to keep the navigation window on top of Onenote – I should be releasing the PowerToy sometime during next week (keep your fingers crossed for that one).

Here is a Video of the TreeView Control in Action.

Feedbacks appreciated :).

And for those who have the means and would like to support the Development of more Powertoys please consider donating -even small amounts help, thats how Google made billions 🙂 – its difficult paying the astronomical college tuition fees.

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6 Responses to “TreeView : How does it look?”

  1. Hey,

    Just wondering if the Treeview can show the points and the subpoints inside each page. I mean like when you are in lecuture and you start with the main heading then followed by sub titles and so on. That would be a helpful feature for me.

  2. steve said

    Looks great so far. Amazing work!

  3. Bradley said

    It’s not completely working for me on Windows Vista with OneNote 2007 SP1. I can see that it renders the tree but I cant see any of the names because the backgroud and text are both black. When I highlight a tree node I can see the text in blue underlined. Any ideas?

  4. Amy said

    Treeview is brilliant — makes onenote so much more usable. It’s how it should have been done from the start. delighted you’ll be updating it with more features, but it’s already great.

  5. Rainald said

    Really nice utility!
    Thanks a lot.

    Unfortunately I can hardly use it on my system (Vista SP1, running Aero).
    The situation is the same as Bradley said.
    I tried everything to change colors, even changed to “classical” view.
    To no avail {siiigh}.

  6. Zach said

    I have installed Treeview on my tablet, laptop and home pc and can’t find any change anywhere in ON. It is installed under Tools/Options/Add-ons however. How do I access?


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