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Scribbling and Doodling in One Note

Posted by anirudhsaraf on October 16, 2007

So how many times have you had the urge to just doodle away in a boring class ? How many times have you resisted it since one note saves every little scratch you make? Does the thought of erasing all your doodles to make your notes neat make you sick? Well, here is a workaround I use. One Note has a feature called Side Note Window under Windows ->New Side Note Window (Ctrl + Shift + M). Once your new side note window pops up, resize it to fit your doodling needs and pin it so that it stays on top using the pin button. This way your note page is free to take notes while you can still doodle when the urge strikes without having to worry about erasing anything. When you run out of doodling space simply scroll down or use the delete page/create new page button in conjunction (I prefer this) to start with a fresh slate. In case you like saving your doodles, the new page can be found under the unfiled notes section if you didn’t use the delete page/new page combo.

doodle image


2 Responses to “Scribbling and Doodling in One Note”

  1. Stan Kramer said

    Great tip! I’ve been using ON on tablets for several years and never found a practical use for side notes until now!


  2. Pamela said

    Great use of a little respected application! My previous method of doodle saving was to turn off the lines, do a quick snip with the Snipping Tool 2.0 and then erase for clean notes.

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